Another Cool Anime Show


Sometimes I like to watch anime. When I was a kid, I always watched Speed Racer when I got home from school. I remember thinking that the animation did not have a lot of movement in it. Of course I was comparing it to Looney Toons, which were outstanding. Well it appears that the style has a name: anime. There are many popular anime series being produced today.

Watch One Piece Online

The show One Piece is definitely not Speed Racer. Another difference is that you can watch One Piece online. I have looked at different sites and have found this


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L-Carnitine Side Effects


L-CarnitineMost people can safely take l-carnitine by mouth. If you have the approval od your physician, you may also inject it. Here are some of the side effects:

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • stomach upset
  • heartburn
  • diarrhea
  • seizures
  • sweat or breath may have a “fishy” odor

For women that are pregnant, it is best to stay away from it, since there is not enough known about its safety in this circumstance.

It may be safe for breas-feeding women to take L-carnitine is recommended amounts. However the effects of taking large amounts  by a breast-feeding mother are unknown.

If you have an under-active thyroid , taking it might cause your symptoms to become worse.

If you have had a seizure, don’t take it. Find out more about it here

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Have a laugh with The Big Bang Theory cast


Here at Good Things for Your Soul and Body, we like to laugh.

Big Bang Theory cast

Some television shows are intelligent and humorous. These make your mind think and make you laugh, which studies have shown is good for your body. Check this out It is important that a show has great actors an The Big Bang Theory cast are the best. The seem like genuine people that are struggling with relationship troubles.

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